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Installing a wooden deck and/or any other timber application, adds a personal dimension to any luxury home or commercial development. The natural beauty of wood dramatically enhances the look and aesthetics of any project. Durable timber is hard wearing, long-lasting and can either be finished in a wide range of colours to suit any design, or be left in its beautiful natural form. Our friendly and efficient staff are equipped to deal with a wide range of state of the art designs and have years of experience in installing sundecks, balustrades, staircases, pergolas, walkways, jetties, fencing, cladding and jungle gyms – there is no project too big or too small. 

The hardwood timber mainly used in our applications is Balau or Massaranduba. Balau is a Malaysian hardwood timber. In its natural form it is light brown in colour. It is a very dense, tightly grained wood that is heavily laden with rich tropical oils and resins which repel water and the toxins in it discourage insects. Balau is extremely durable and it is yellow to brown in colour. Massaranduba is a South American hardwood which is a very durable and hard-wearing timber. It works very well as an outdoor decking material as it is rated highly against rot and insect attack. It is a much harder and denser wood than balau and has a slight reddish tinge to it. The finish of the deck will be dependent on what look you want to create. The options are to either leave the timber unsealed in its natural form, or to apply a sealant.  If left natural, the timber will turn a silver/grey colour and offer a more rustic appeal.

Another popular and modern alternative for outdoor timber decking is composite decking. It is eco-friendly as only recycled materials are used to manufacture these products. The composite decking is made up of wood fibres, plastics, bonding agents and colourants and has been formulated and designed to combat our harsh climate and weathering elements.  

To maintain your deck in great condition, it is recommended that it should be washed on a regular basis – at least once per month. In addition to this, please ensure that your deck is kept clean and clear of leaves and other organic materials as this could encourage rot. A sealed deck should be lightly sanded and re-sealed whenever it begins to look faded and dry – generally every 12 – 18 months. We have refurbishment teams who would be more than happy to assist you with all your maintenance requirements. Unsealed means that there will be less maintenance required on the deck in future years as you can simply pressure clean it to get rid of any blotches and dirty marks.

Below are the services that we would love to assist you with. We look forward to hearing from you.


Decking is a fantastic way of creating timeless elegance to any home or commercial development. The warmth and stylish charm of timber decking transforms a simple area into a modern and elegant space.



Balustrades add beauty to your stairs, balconies, decks and terraces. Whilst the Zimbali style balustrade and the stainless steel cable style balustrade are very popular, other options are also available.


Pergolas are very popular outdoor garden features which form a shaded walkway, passage or sitting area – consisting of vertical posts or pillars with support cross beams and a sturdy open lattice.


Timber cladding provides a practical and aesthetic solution to finishing off an area with a high-end design look. Cladding offers protection for underlying structures or appliances (eg. aircon units) and provides an amazing decorative finish. 


Timber screening provides options for garden boundaries and can transform fences and walls into lovely modern features.


Our timber staircase installations are structurally sound and designed tastefully to suit your specific requirements.


A wooden walkway makes an attractive garden path or can become the perfect feature to connect two areas together. 


An old and weathered sundeck can be transformed into a great looking deck again by just sanding and re-sealing. We have professional teams who are able to assist with all your repairs and maintenance requirements.

Outdoor Furniture

Timber outdoor furniture is long-lasting and finishes off your outside area perfectly. We manufacture all types of furniture to specially suit your personal requirements – tables and chairs, day beds, sun loungers, garden benches, side tables, flower boxes, storage boxes or braai cabinets to name just a few. 

Indoor Flooring & Sanding

If you have indoor timber flooring which is in desperate need of some tender, loving, care – we are able to assist you with our industrial sanding machine and expertise. .

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